Ahead with Starters
Young Learners English Skills Practice
Student's Book
(Elementary level, below A1)


Ahead with Starters for the revised 2018 Cambridge Young Learners English Exams is part of a three-level skills practice series; it includes 5 complete practice tests based on the Cambridge format. Ahead with Starters is compatible with any primary course

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Elementary level, below A1

Ahead with Starters SB
Kategorie: Prüfungsvorberereitung | Verlag: Aheadbooks | Format: Taschenbuch | Sprache: English | Niveau: below A1 | Altersstufe: Unterstufe, Volksschule

For the revised 2018 Cambridge ESOL
Young Learners English examinations
Student’s book features:
l 5 complete practice tests
l Compatible with any primary course
l Designed for children 7-8 years old
l Amazing colour illustrations
l Thematic word list inc

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