English Grammar Framework A2
Reference and practice for elementary students at A2 Level
Answer key
(Pre-intermediate level, A2)

The book is ideal for students preparing for the Cambridge ESOL KET exam, Trinity exams grades 1-5, and the Preliminary and Access levels of the City and Guilds Pitman suite of exams.

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Pre-intermediate level, A2

Sprache: English | Verlag: Black Cat | Niveau: A2 | Altersstufe: Unterstufe | Kategorie: Grammatik | Format: Taschenbuch

English Grammar Framework A2 is ideal for students who are at the levels described as A1 or A2 by the Common European Framework of Reference: at the end of this book students will have studied all the structures required for full A2 competence. The book i

English Grammar Framework

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